Addams Family Feud
Series The New Addams Family
Season 2
Original Airdate July 10, 1999
Written by Arnold Rudnick & Rich Hosek
Director Jimmy Kaufman

Addams Family Feud is the sixth episode of the second season, and the 58th overall episode of The New Addams Family.


The feud between The Addams Family and their distant relatives, the McAddams family, ends... until Uncle Fester takes Pa McAddams on a hunting trip.


Background Information

  • Ma wants to get to Death Valley while the scorpions are still crawling.

Ooky Food

  • Key Slime Pie

Links and References

Guest Stars


Previous episode:
Lurch's Little Helper
Episodes of The New Addams Family Next episode:
Fester, the Tycoon

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