Aphasia Addams
Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.15.42 PM
Name: Aphasia du Barry
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Species: Human
Parents Unknown
Spouse Clump Addams
Child(ren) Cousin Creep, Cousin Blob
Portrayer Charles Busch (1993)

Cousin Countess Aphasia du Berry is a relative of the Addams Family.

She was married to Clump Addams and was the mother of Cousin Creep and Cousin Blob. At the wedding of Uncle Fester to Debbie Jellinsky, Aphasia was standing behind Wednesday when she caught the bouquet. She called Wednesday a "tramp."


Aphasia is a medical term for "speechlessness", where the patient suffers language disorders ranging from having difficulty remembering words to losing the ability to speak, read, or write.


The feature film:


  • Aphasia was played by Charles Busch.

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