Aunt Anemia


Full Name: Anemia Addams
Gender: Female
Age: Elderly
Species: Human
Grandchildren What Addams
Spouse/Mate That Addams


Cousin Itt, Cousin Lumpy

Portrayer None

Aunt Anemia is a relative of the Addams Family.

Her portrait hangs in the Living Room of The Addams Family Mansion, near the armoire next to the Conservatory door.

When Uncle Fester brewed a batch of hair restorer, some must have splashed on her portrait. "I don't remember Aunt Anemia having a beard and a mustache," Morticia exclaimed. "A beard maybe, but not a mustache," responded Gomez. "It is becoming," Morticia remarked. Later, when the hair restorer wore off and the facial hair fell off, Gomez remarked "Too bad, I liked it better that way."


Aunt Anemia without facial hair.

Mentioned In

The Addams Family original series episode:

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