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Af trivia romance

Ophelia holding one of Trivia's cups

Not to be confused with Cousin Trivia.
If you're looking for Morticia's old school chum, please see Tiny Trivia

Aunt Trivia is a relative of The Addams Family.

She wasn't a music lover, she just liked to go around kissing harpsichords.[1]

When preparing for Gomez Addams's intended wedding to Ophelia Frump, Grandmama comments that she hasn't "had this much fun since Aunt Trivia's funeral."[2] When Gomez is washing dishes with Ophelia she holds up a broken teacup, Gomez comments that Aunt Trivia sent them a whole dozen of cups like that.[3]

Mentioned in

The Addams Family original series episodes:


  1. Lurch and His Harpsichord
  2. Morticia's Romance: Part 2
  3. Morticia's Romance: Part 1

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