School 04

Cousin Imar's new sweater.

Not to be confused with Uncle Eimar or Uncle Imar

Cousin Imar is a relative of The Addams Family.

Imar apparently had three arms, one in front. When Morticia Addams knitted him a new sweater, Gomez commented that it was odd because he didn't think Imar would wear a turtleneck.[1] Later, Imar asks her to sew on his college seal, Princeton.[2]

Gomez says the sweater's purple color will match Imar's eye.[3]

Mentioned In

The Addams Family original series episode:

The New Addams Family episode:



  1. The Addams Family Goes to School
  2. Mother Lurch Visits the Addams Family
  3. The Addams Family Goes to School (new)

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