Cousin Itt Visits the Addams Family
Series The Addams Family (TV Series)
Season 1
Original Airdate February 5, 1965
Teleplay by Henry Sharp
Story by Tony Wilson
Director Sidney Lanfield


Fiske is the new Zoo commissioner, and plans expansion. Uncle Fester complains about all the robins and larks in the parks as they're too cheery. Gomez agrees to support the new fund drive and donates $150,000 (and 20 cents to cover the cost of gas to visit them). Meanwhile, Cousin Itt arrives for a visit and settles into the attic. He's good at magic tricks, but restless. Morticia thinks they should get him a job to keep him longer, but what - "Too short for an actor, too tall for a producer," she sighs. Gomez ponders the idea that Itt could join the Beatles. Then they discover he has a way with animals and think he'd be perfect for a curator's job at the zoo. Fiske is thrilled, thinking Itt is an exhibit, and puts him in a cage. Later, on the radio, there's news of an escaped beast. Gomez and Morticia arm themselves to defend the house, prompting Gomez to recall their safari: "No one could skin a hippopotamus like you could." Tish disagrees, "Darling, any housewife can do that." The escaped animal is Itt, of course. Fiske arrives and the Family sorts out what happened. They're outraged about the treatment Itt received, but Itt enjoyed it and only came back for his brushes. Fiske, horrified, says he'll reserve separate cages for the whole Family at the zoo. Morticia is appalled - it's a family cage or nothing!


Background Information

  • When Thing is holding Morticia's palette, he is a left hand instead of his usual right.

Links and References

Guest Stars

NOTE: The guest star credits from the previous episode are mistakenly reused here. These character names do not match the characters in this episode:

Roland Winters as Ralph J. Hulen

Olan Soule as Harwood Widdy

Bill Baldwin as Announcer

Uncredited, Felix Silla presumably appears as Cousin Itt, and Alan Reed is Commissioner Fiske.


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