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Debbie Jellinsky
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Full Name: Debbie Jellinsky Addams
Gender: Female
Age: 30's or 40's
Species: Human
Parents Dave Jellinsky, Sharon Jellinsky
Siblings None
Spouse/Mate A surgeon, a senator, Uncle Fester
Children None



Joan Cusack

Always dressed poshly

Debbie Jellinsky Addams is a serial killer and the only wife of Fester Addams. She has been known for killing all of her husbands and taking their money for herself.


Debbie is the main antagonist in Addams Family Values.

After she strapped the Addamses (except Pubert) to electric chairs, she then used slides to tell how she came to be. On her tenth birthday, she killed her parents in a fire because they did not buy her the Ballerina Barbie doll she wanted, giving her a Malibu Barbie doll instead.

When she got older she killed her first husband, a heart surgeon, with an axe (reminding Grandmama of her youth) because he was too busy to dine with her ("...the Pope had a cold..."), and ran over her second husband, a senator, with her car because he would not buy her a new Mercedes-Benz (as they had "to set an example" during the recession). She tried to kill the Addams family because she thought they didn't love her enough.

Fester begs Debbie to just kill him and spare the others, but she rejects his offer. She is killed when she wanted to electrocute the Addams Family, but ended up electrocuting herself when Pubert saved his family by short-circuiting the wiring. Debbie was reduced to a pile of ashes, leaving behind her shoes and some of her belongings.

She is buried in the Addams Family cemetery. At the end of the movie, a hand (presumed to be Thing) reached out from her grave and grabbed Joel Glicker's arm, demonstrating Wednesday's technique for scaring a hypothetical future husband to death.



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