Doctor Mbogo Mbogo is The Addams Family's witch doctor.

He can't tear himself away from a good tsetse fly case. To reach him, Gomez must telephone a hunter in Africa, who yells to some natives outside, who beat the message drums to contact the doctor. He once cured Gomez' pneumonia by dousing him with kerosene and pouring ashes over his head.[1] The telephone number is ZUlu 854. He refuses to treat Kitty Kat because the lion's father ate his father.[2]

When Pugsley goes to Nairobi Medical School and becomes a witch doctor, he gets a tattoo of Doctor Mbogo on his arm, though he calls him Doctor Mgumbo.[3]

Mentioned In

The Addams Family original series episodes:

The television special:



  1. Uncle Fester's Illness
  2. Cat Addams
  3. Halloween with the New Addams Family

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