Don Buckman
Don buckman
Full Name: Don Buckman
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Spouse/Mate Ellen Buckman
Children Amanda Buckman
Portrayed By Sam McMurray

Don Buckman is the husband of Ellen Buckman and father of Amanda Buckman. He is snobbish and arrogant as are all the Buckmans, and he was forced to take Amanda to Camp Chippewa when she ordered. Don is shown criticizing Wednesday with Ellen during the Thanksgiving play. He and his wife are very proud of Amanda, who is very popular in the summer camp. When Amanda was about to be scalped, the Buckman couple tried to stop this, just as the Chippewas outcasts have thrown two pies in their faces. He is later seen in a plane alongside his family, completely grumpy about the chaos in Chippewa and they saw Pubert appear in the window, much to their discomfort.


The feature film:

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