Fester Goes on a Diet
Series The Addams Family (TV Series)
Season 2
Original Airdate January 14, 1966
Written by Hannibal Coons and Harry Winkler
Director Sidney Lanfield


Pugsley has been exercising, much to his parents' disapproval. Uncle Fester gets a letter from his French pen-pal, Yvette, who is coming to visit. He decides he has to get into shape too, but trying zen yogi in his bedroom doesn't work. He wakes up early to exercise with TV fitness guru Jack LaLanne, but Gomez and Morticia are appalled and give the television set back to the junkman. LaLanne comes to the house and gives Fester an astronaut training book to follow. Meanwhile, Gomez and Morticia can't understand why he's doing this and think he's ill. They call in Dr. Motley, who panics at some of the results when he tests Fester and flees. Morticia questions Fester under hypnosis and comes to the mistaken conclusion he wants to become an astronaut. NASA isn't amused when she tries to talk them out of employing Fester, since they have no idea what's going on. Fester goes down to the play room and uses the sarcophagus as a steam cabinet to lose weight. When Morticia and Gomez find him there, he finally explains about Yvette. When she arrives, she's rather overweight and jilts Fester because he's too skinny!


Background Information

Ooky Food

  • Eye of Newt
  • Puree of Aardvark
  • Roast Yak

Links and References

Guest Stars

  • Jack La Lanne as Himself
  • William Keene as Dr. Motley
  • Peggy Mondo as Yvette
  • Rolfe Sedan as Mailman, Mr. Briggs


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Morticia and Gomez vs. Fester and Grandmama
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The Great Treasure Hunt

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