Feud in the Addams Family
Series The Addams Family (TV Series)
Season 2
Original Airdate November 26, 1965
Teleplay by Rick Richards and Jerry Gottler
Story by Rick Richards
Director Sidney Lanfield


Gomez' cousin by marriage, Abigail Adams, and the rest of "those Boston one-'d' Adamses" want to have Gomez removed as the head of the Family fortune. She is in town to visit her grandchildren. Meanwhile Mrs. Courtney wants to get to know her, and she annoys her husband by encouraging their young son, Robespierre, to get along better with Wednesday, who's in love with him. Mrs. Courtney thinks Wednesday is Abigail's granddaughter so she agrees to visit the Addamses for tea. Meanwhile, Wednesday is getting advice from her relatives on how to catch men, along with a rope, a gun and love dust. The Courtneys are taken aback when they arrive and meet Cousin Itt and Uncle Fester. Robespierre objects to playing in the Cave or the Swamp, but reluctantly agrees to play trains. Fester thinks they're spies when they mention Abigail's name, and gets obsessed. He breaks their pens, thinking they're bugged. Gomez helps Courtney to invest and he promptly loses all his money. It finally dawns on Courtney that his wife was completely wrong, and they leave, laughing hysterically. In the end, Abigail drops her plans to sue Gomez and returns to Boston.


Background Information

  • When Gomez wants to play in the Tower, Morticia says the Tower is Lurch's room, so he suggests the Play Room instead.
  • Wednesday let the trains run for twenty minutes without one crash. They could have recharged Uncle Fester ten times with that energy.
  • When Fester is ranting on about spies, he suspects that the Courtneys are working for THRUSH - the villains from The Man From UNCLE, which was then at the height of its popularity.
  • Stonewall Addams is mentioned, as is Pugsley's octopus.

Ooky Stocks

Tracked on the Stock Ticker in this episode are:

  • Consolidated Lint
  • National Dust

Links and References

Guest Stars

  • Fred Clark as Mr. Henry Courtney
  • Virginia Gregg as Mrs. Courtney
  • Kevin Tate as Robespierre Courtney


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