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Gomez Addams
Gomez 1991
Portrayed By Raul Julia
Film(s) The Addams Family (1991)
Addams Family Values
Gender Male
Romances Morticia Addams
Flora Amour
Fauna Amour
Mother Grandmama
Brother(s) Fester Addams
Son(s) Pugsley Addams
Pubert Addams
Daughter(s) Wednesday Addams


Gomez was played by the late Raúl Juliá in The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values. The film version of Gomez shares the fun-loving personality of his sitcom counterpart, including his affinity for swordfighting and train sets. However, Gomez is noticeably calmer and more suave in the films than his television counterparts, and even speaks with an English-like accent (as Juliá was from Puerto Rico). Gomez also regularly plays chess with Thing, the disembodied hand, friend and servant of the family. Another quirk is his tendency to play golf on the roof of his house, enraging his next-door neighbor, who has to contend with golf balls smashing his windows. In the first film, Gomez has lost track of his brother Fester's whereabouts and has not spoken to him in 25 years. Gomez's desire to locate Fester leads him and his family being conned by grifters who want to swindle their fortune. Gomez is so depressed at being thrown out of his own home that he becomes unemployed and spends all day watching daytime TV.

The films differ from the television series in several ways, most significantly that Fester is Gomez's brother (in the television show, he was Morticia's uncle). The Addams Family notes that Gomez's parents were murdered by an angry mob, though in one scene in the sequel, when Gomez catches Fester with a pornographic magazine, they both look at the centerfold (unseen by the viewer) and fondly say "Mom". In Addams Family Values, Gomez and Morticia have a third child named Pubert, a seemingly indestructible baby with a thin, black mustache like his father.

In 1998, Tim Curry took up the role in the film Addams Family Reunion (as Raul Julia had passed away five years earlier).


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