Halloween - Addams Style
Series The Addams Family (TV Series)
Season 2
Original Airdate October 29, 1965
Written by Hannibal Coons and Harry Winkler
Director Sidney Lanfield


It's Halloween, and The Addams Family are celebrating with some activities. Mr. Thompson, one of the neighbors, shocks Wednesday by telling her that there are no such things as witches. Wednesday returns home in tears, and the Family has to rally around to prove that Thompson is wrong and to restore Wednesday's faith in her favorite holiday. To prove to Wednesday that witches do exist, Morticia and Gomez hold a seance in the play room in an attempt to summon Great-Great-Great-Aunt Singe. Lurch secretly speaks in falsetto from outside the room, pretending to be Singe, and promises to visit Wednesday. Morticia says she can stay in the Guest Room. Gomez is worried Singe won't appear, so he buys Wednesday a horse for a new pet, just in case. Uncle Fester slides down the fireman's pole, sees the horse, and thinks it's Aunt Singe. A neighbor, Penelope Sandhurst, dressed as a witch arrives on a scavenger hunt, and they all think she is Aunt Singe. When Kitty Kat and Cousin Cackle frighten her, she flies out the window on a broomstick.


Background Information

Ooky Food

  • Bite-size Salamander Sandwiches
  • Porcupine Taffy

Links and References

Guest Stars

  • Yvonne Peattie as Penelope Sandhurst
  • Bob Jellison as Henry Sandhurst
  • Don McArt as Cousin Cackle


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Cousin Itt's Problem
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