Halloween with the Addams Family
Series The Addams Family (TV Series)
Season 1
Original Airdate October 30, 1964
Written by Keith Fowler and Phil Leslie
Director Sidney Lanfield


Getting into the spirit of Halloween, Gomez carves Uncle Fester's likeness into a jack o'lantern and Wednesday and Pugsley dress up to go trick-or-treating. Meanwhile, a pair of robbers fleeing the police hide in the Addams' yard. When the children leave, they find the men, and Gomez invites them into the house to play Halloween games. Gomez sees their bag full of loot and assumes the neighbors have given them money for Halloween, so he opens a drawer full of cash and gives them some more. Waiting for their opportunity to grab the rest of the cash, they tolerate such Addams oddness as bobbing for the crab, and frightening Kitty Kat. They offer to play hide-and-go-seek and when the Addamses hide, they grab the money and run, right into a police car.


Background Information

Links and References

Guest Stars

Don Rickles as Claude

Skip Homeier as Marty


Previous episode:
Morticia Joins the Ladies League
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Green-Eyed Gomez

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