Series The New Addams Family
Season 1
Original Airdate Mar. 29, 1999
Written by Peggy Nicoll
Director Ed Anders

Horseplay is the 43rd episode of The New Addams Family.


After Pugsley befriends a thoroughbred racehorse, Gomez and Morticia make him give the horse back to its owners. This depresses him so The Addams Family have a day at the races so he can see the horse again. However, when the horse comes in last, Pugsley overhears the owners plan to send him to greater pastures. He and Wednesday steal the horse to save it, but their parents tell them to give it back. Wednesday asks Lurch and Uncle Fester to dress in a horse costume, and they are taken away.


Background Information

Links and References

Guest Stars

  • Brent Sheppard as Mr. Sneed
  • Beverly Breuer as Mrs. Sneed
  • Susan Charest as Woman
  • Jim Smith as Smedley


Previous episode:
My Son, the Chimp
Episodes of The New Addams Family Next episode:
Lurch's Grand Romance

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