Af fingers royalty

Lady Fingers is a handmaiden, as well as the counterpart and girlfriend of Thing.

The Addams Family

When Princess Millicent von Schlepp (aka Aunt Millie) visits The Addams Family, she brings her handmaiden, Lady Fingers. Her father used to be Millicent's footman. She falls in love with Thing, but is separated from him when Millicent goes to a hotel. She mopes and droops until she is fired. However, her replacement, Esmeralda, turns out to be a thief, and she soon gets her job back. Millicent is planning a round-the-world trip, but Thing will wait for her, and gives her an engagement ring.[1]

Halloween with the New Addams Family

Now a handmaid to Granny Frump, Lady Fingers is seen helping Grandmama in the kitchen.[2]

The New Addams Family

Lady Fingers meets Thing while she and Cousin Pretensia are staying with them. Lady Fingers and Thing quickly fall in love, but Pretensia decides to leaves the Addams, separating Lady Fingers and Thing. She is then too sad to work and gets fired. Lady Fingers later comes back for thing, and the Addams' convince Pretensia to hire her back. Before the Lady Fingers leaves on a trip around the world with Cousin Pretensia; Thing proposes to her, and the two are engaged.[3]


The Addams Family original series episode:

The television special:

The New Addams Family episode:



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