Lurch's Little Helper
Series The New Addams Family
Season 2
Original Airdate June 25, 1999
Written by Dan Kopelman
Director George Erschbamer

Lurch's Little Helper is the fifth episode of the second season, and the 57th overall episode of The New Addams Family. It is a remake of the original television series episode of the same name.


Gomez thinks Lurch is being overworked, so he and Uncle Fester build a robot butler to help him. Lurch worries that he is being replaced. Meanwhile, after being struck by lightning, Fester picks up radio signals in his head, but thinks he's reading minds. He misinterprets one signal and prematurely detonates Gomez' Trainwreck. Another leads him to believe Morticia is pregnant. After several of his attempts to destroy the robot fail, Lurch is ready to resign.


Background Information

Ooky Food

  • Deadly Nightshade Berry Jam
  • Alligator-ade
  • Hot Apple Spider

Links and References

Guest Stars

  • Demetri Goritsas as Simon
  • Henry O. Watson as Delivery Man


Previous episode:
Granny, the Happy Medium
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Addams Family Feud

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