Morticia, the Breadwinner
Series The Addams Family (TV Series)
Season 1
Original Airdate March 26, 1965
Written by Phil Leslie
Director Sidney Lanfield


There is a stock market crash, but Gomez Addams is unaffected. He calls his broker, Mr. Blooker of Blooker and Company, to buy railroad stock. He wants to buy Big Swamp and Southern Railway to play Trainwreck with real trains. Uncle Fester and Morticia overhear part of the conversation and mistakenly think he is broke. The family each comes up with their own schemes to make some cash: Fester wants to print more, Grandmama wants to be a bunny girl or a beauty expert, Wednesday and Pugsley volunteer to start a drink stand on the sidewalk selling Henbane on the rocks, Morticia decides to give lessons in fencing and tango, Fester and Lurch start an escort service at $50 an hour, and Thing will sell pencils.


  • Consolidated Fuzz is one of the stocks Gomez owns.
  • When Thing feeds Cleopatra, he is a left hand, instead of his usual right. He is also a left when he hands Gomez a yacht circular, when he jumps in on the bidding for the stocks, and when he makes instant wine.
  • Aunt Phobia and Morticia's Grandpa Droop are mentioned.
  • Cousin Crimp's glass eye is shown and later Morticia knits him a very long shawl.
  • When Morticia gets out the family treasures to sell, the first "heirloom" is an object they just acquired in the episode, Thing is Missing.
  • Camel Hump steak and Bat Broth are mentioned.
  • Pugsley has a flea collection.
  • Addams's Law: "Never accept the first nine offers" in business
  • Gomez has checking accounts at the First National Bank of Siberia and the Second National Bank of Peking.
  • Milton Frome had a recurring role as Lawrence Chapman on The Beverly Hillbillies.


Uncle Fester: "Morticia, did you see the paper this morning? The bottom fell out of the stock market again." Morticia: "They really ought to fix that rickety old place...the bottom's always falling out of it."


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