Morticia, the Sculptress
Series The New Addams Family
Season 1
Original Airdate Feb. 15, 1999
Teleplay by Ron Burla
Story by Harry Winkler & Hannibal Coons
Director George Erschbamer

Morticia, the Sculptress is the 37th episode of The New Addams Family. It is a remake of the original television series episode of the same name.


Morticia takes up sculpting but nobody appreciates her art until Gomez hires a shady art dealer, Sandy Warhol, to tell her that she has true talent. Her art begins to consume her, and Gomez' money.


Background Information

Ooky Food

  • Arachnid Chowder
  • Chicken Face Medley
  • Mousse of Moose
  • Hemlock Tea

Links and References

Guest Stars

  • Peter Anderson as Dan Fife
  • Richard Side as Sandy Warhol


Previous episode:
Wednesday's Crush
Episodes of The New Addams Family Next episode:
Gomez, the People's Choice

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