Morticia and the Psychiatrist
Psychiatrist 01
Wednesday, Fester and Grandmama
Series The Addams Family
Season Season One
Original Air-Date September 25, 1964
Written By Hannibal Coons
Harry Winkler
Directed By Jean Yarbrough
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 2nd in Series
Order in Season 2nd in Season


Pugsley takes a liking to puppies and baseball, and even joins the Boy Scouts! He won't even play Trainwreck with his father, and begins ignoring his pet octopus, Aristotle. Horrified and at their wits' end, Morticia and Gomez summon a psychiatrist to deal with the situation. Dr. Harold Black advises them to oblige his new interests.[1]


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  1. Morticia and the Psychiatrist

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