Af nairobi

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya in Africa.


It is home to Goomba, an acquaintance of Gomez'.[1] Gomez owns a Game Preserve there. He prizes it for its bat caves, but oil has recently been discovered there.[2] Morticia praises its lovely nights with the hyenas howling, and suggests it would make a perfect spot for a honeymoon for Mr. Harvey and Cousin Melancholia.[3] Gomez may have to sell the preserve to support Morticia's sculpting.[4]

Once, when Cleopatra was flirting with him, Gomez said he'd call Nairobi and have his man send a male African Strangler for her.[5]

Later, Pugsley attends Nairobi Medical School and becomes a witch doctor.[6]

Mentioned In

The Addams Family original series episodes:

The television special:


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