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Ophelia Frump
Full Name: Ophelia Frump
Gender: Female
Age: A bit older than Morticia
Species: Human
Parents Father Frump, Hester Frump
Siblings Morticia Addams
Spouse/Mate Cousin Itt (love interest)Gomez Addams (ex-fiancee)
Children None
Portrayer Carolyn Jones (1964), Allegra Kent (1991), Laura Esterman (1993)

Ophelia Frump is the cheery, happy and muscular sister of Morticia Addams. She is nothing like her younger sister, as she is closer to being "normal", and very cheery and upbeat. She once almost married her brother in-law, a very reluctant Gomez Addams, when he was promised to marry her in an arranged marriage (which seems to be a tradition in the Addams Family.) She then fell for Cousin Itt and left Gomez to Morticia. She is very close with her mother Hester. In The New Addams Family, she seems a bit mean to Morticia, unlike how she was in the original series.

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  • She occasionally appeared in Charles Addams's original cartoons, such as eating with the family, asking her mother if she can borrow the broomstick, or having an ugly young man proclaim his love for her ("There's enough hate in my heart for both of us.")

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