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Pubert is a child of Gomez and Morticia Addams.

He is a mustachioed baby who seems to escape certain death through random chance a number of times. He occasionally shoots flaming arrows though he is never seen with a bow.

His parents also considered naming him Lucifer, Benito, or Mao.

References to Pubert may be made in the 1998 straight-to-video film Addams Family Reunion and The New Addams Family, in which Wednesday states that there used to be a third sibling, but that Pugsley ate him.


The feature film:



  • The name "Pubert" was originally conceived by Charles Addams for the character Pugsley in the '60s TV series; the name was rejected due to fears that network censors would disallow it.
  • Pubert was played by Kaitlyn Hooper and Kristen Hooper and voiced by Cheryl Chase.
    • For some reason the voice credit appears among the other crew, not the cast.

Modern Popularity

The YouTube channel Achievement Hunter which consists of 5 key members display a comical debate about the existence of Pubert. On the episode labelled "Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 83 - Geoff's House Part 2", Gavin Free argues that Pubert was a character on the Addams family. This is met with intense laughter in which one of the members completely bewildered by what he the other 3 members believe to be extreme stupidity on Gavin's part states "I feel safe in saying, there has never in the history of man, has there been child named Pubert, I don't even think there has ever been a fictional character named Pubert". After being mocked several times he is coaxed in researching this "made up" Pubert and upon finding this page discovers that Pubert was in fact a real character leaving the entire AH crew speechless that Gavin was right, and granting him slightly more respect... at least until he next opened his mouth.

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