Pugsley's Allowance
Series The Addams Family (TV Series)
Season 2
Original Airdate February 4, 1966
Written by Harry Winkler and Hannibal Coons
Director Sidney Lanfield


Pugsley needs money but wants to work for it. He wants to buy a jet-powered motor scooter with interchangeable hubcaps. The idea of his working horrifies his parents. "We Addamses haven't worked in 300 years!" proclaims Gomez. After discussing it with Uncle Fester in the play room, they agree to let him work to teach him a lesson. Pugsley tries to get a job at the hospital, helping Dr. Bird with operations, but is thrown out. Then he sees Mr. Glenville at the bank and tries counting cash in the vault, which gets him thrown out again. Next Pugsley tries to work at a funeral parlor, only to discover it's merely the front for a bookie joint run by Bennie. Pugsley convinces Wednesday to join him and they offer to trim hedges, wash the car and clear the attic for the Hensons (who should know better by now). Mr. Henson convinces them to do all the work for fifty cents. But when he checks on their work, the hedge is cut into hideous creatures, the car was washed by filling it with soap and water and the attic isn't merely cleared, it's gone. He threatens to sue Gomez, who threatens a counter-suit for exploiting the kids. Mr. Henson apologizes quickly, and Gomez buys his ruined house. He then gives Pugsley the job of cleaning their own attic.


Background Information

  • Pugsley's loving octopus and his cheerful pet spider, Homer, are mentioned.
  • Cousin Goop is mentioned.
  • Gomez owns a mango plantation in Brazil.
  • When Thing offers the phone to Bennie the Bookie, and when he hands Gomez the telescope, he is a left hand instead of his usual right.

Ooky Stocks

Tracked on the Stock Ticker in this episode:

  • Consolidated Fuzz - but Gomez doesn't own any

Links and References

Guest Stars

  • Parley Baer as Mr. Arthur Henson
  • Natalie Masters as Mrs. Henson
  • Jack Collins as Dr. Bird
  • Robert S. Carson as Mr. Glenville
  • Tim Herbert as Bernie


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