The Addams Family (1992) 106 A Thing Is Born - Choke And Dagger - Fester's Diary 071

Choke and Dagger

The Spy Twins are adversaries of Cousin Itt.

Their attempts at espionage are always thwarted by The Addams Family.

On their day off from spying, they tried to break into the Addams' safe, even going so far as to dress up as a giant female hand, but Thing foiled every attempt until they gave up.[1] When Wednesday and Pugsley planned to accompany Secret Agent Double-O Itt on a mission, the Spy Twins tried to capture him. The children and Thing thwarted their attempts, and Itt was able to capture them instead.[2] Later they captured the children to bait Itt, but the kids were able to outwit them, with the help of Snappy the alligator.[3]


The Addams Family (animated 1992) episodes:



  1. Beware of Thing
  2. Choke And Dagger
  3. Hook, Line And Stinkers

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