Tiny Trivia
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Name: Trivia
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Species: Human
Portrayer Diane Jergens (1964)
Not to be confued with Aunt Trivia or Cousin Trivia

"Lurch! You great, big, wonderful hunk of masculinity!" "Well, I guess you two lovebirds wanna be alone!" "Where, oh, where have you been all my life?" "The kitchen.''"
-Trivia, Grandmama and Lurch, during Trivia's visit

Trivia or Tiny Trivia is Morticia Addams' old school chum. She is obsessed with working on her career in show biz, commenting that she's much too busy for relationships. She frequently sings the same few lines of the song "Lucky Day".

Lurch developed an unrequited crush on her. In an attempt to resolve this, Grandmama made a love potion that caused Trivia to fall in love with Lurch, then Gomez, and then Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt. Her over-the-top advances towards Lurch caused his crush on her to dissipate.


The Addams Family original series episode:


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